I swear…

…I’m here.  I promise.  I’ve just been so busy lately!  Work has been a nightmare.  So much to do.  When I leave work, I head home to make dinner.  After dinner’s made, I head out to train, which takes about 1.5 hrs.  When I get home, I just want to wind down.

I am happy to report that I’ve been keeping up with my workout program.  I’m close to completing week five.  It was at this point that I had to stop at my first go at the program because of my back.  I feel good, however.  I just have to make sure I keep everything in check.

I’m doing a hot yoga class tonight.  I wanted to attend last week, but there was a massive snow storm.  I opted to head home, because the road conditions were pretty bad.

Hmm…that’s about it.  I made a baked oatmeal dish for breakfast this morning.  I came across the recipe on Instagram.  It was so easy.  I will try to have that posted tomorrow.

Hope everyone’s well and keeping fit!

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One response to “I swear…

  1. Glad to hear that everything is ok. Be sure to keep us updated but I understand how busy life can be.

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