Game Plan

OK.  So I’ve figured out what I’m going to do.

I’ve decided to plan my meals around my macro suggestions.  If you want to learn a bit about macro calculations, read here.  Quite a few people that have been successful with weight loss and muscle building using this technique.

According to my inputted figures for weight loss, my calculations are as follows:

my macro calculation

my macro calculation

My first goal is to lose about 10 pounds.  Once that’s done, I will focus on building muscle.  Once at that stage, I will re-enter my stats and follow the revised calculation.

Obviously, the type of calories I consume is important.  I will try to follow the Whole30 program as much as I can, i.e. eat whole foods.  No processed junk.   I plan to eat three larger meals vs. 6 smaller meals every two to three hours.

I will take pre, during, and post workout supplements.  I won’t be using anything that has artificial colour or flavour, or any sugars.  I am happy with my current supplements, so I will stick to those.

I will be re-starting the MY program this Saturday from the beginning of Phase 2, Week 4.  I will do at least one hot yoga class per week.  The hot yoga will be my active rest day.  On my other active rest day, I would like to try the women’s boot camp/boxing fitness class at the tae know do club.

Of course, I will pay the utmost attention to how my back responds.  This will require mandatory daily foam rolling, and hip flexor and hamstring stretching.  Hubby said he’d help me with my hamstrings and we’re going to stretch them out they way they do in his soccer training.

My workouts may start on Saturday, but my eating will start tomorrow.  I’m going to spend some time tonight prepping my food, so a stop at the grocery store on the way home is planned.

I have a hankering for the kale salad I used to make.  It was delicious!

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2 responses to “Game Plan

  1. Ahh.. Whole30! I have read a lot of Whole30 since I started playing on the Paleo side of things. Maybe one of these days I’ll give it a 30 day challenge. Wouldn’t that be.. err, fun? Sounds like you got a great plan, chick! Recipe for the kale salad, please? Just had kale for the first time a few weeks ago I love it! What a versatile vegetables. As chips, in a salad, in soup. Yum! :)

    • Will definitely share the kale salad recipe. I took a lot of my blog posts offline, and I’m slowly bringing them back online. I may have blogged about it before. I’m going to see if I can find it and re-upload it.

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