Magnify You, Phase 1, Week 1

Hello readers!  Hope everyone’s doing well.  I’ve had a few ups and downs since my last post.  Here’s my update:

I had to stop Hourglass Workout after two weeks of attendance.  The twinge in my lower back started to creep back in, and it was enough to scare me to stop the boot camp classes for the time being.  My membership was put on hold.

Luckily for me, it did not flare up as bad as it did the previous time.  I guess I just needed a bit of a break.  It wasn’t very long before I was well enough to contemplate heading back into the gym and that’s exactly what I did.

I decided to re-start Ashley Horner’s Magnify You program.  I wanted to slowly ease back into weightlifting, and this program seemed to be the best option for me because it didn’t include a lot of plyo-type exercises (which seems to exacerbate my back strain).  The first week of Magnify You calls for light weight/high reps.  I thought I could handle it.

I had two weeks’ vacation over the Christmas holidays, and I was able to go to the gym during the day (with less people in attendance).  My day sessions also allowed me to take my time and not feel like I was rushed to complete an exercise.

Week one was a success for me.  I took an extra rest day when I felt it was necessary and it did wonders for my back.  I’m really starting to feel like I’m able to read my back a bit better.  One twinge and I back off and allow the rest I need.

Tonight I start Week 2.  Four the next four weeks, I’ll be lifting heavy and performing 6 to 8 reps for each exercise.  I hope I won’t be waiting around for equipment.  The other day, I spent approximately 20 minutes waiting for the Smith machine.  To make things worse, I couldn’t really do anything else on my list because all the other equipment I needed was also taken.  I ended up performing some of the dumbbell exercises at home.

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2 responses to “Magnify You, Phase 1, Week 1

  1. Hi there! I am starting this program MY on monday. I sent a message to Ashley but havent got a reply yet. I am wondering how much weight one has to start lifting? How much weights you startet?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi. Unfortunately, I can’t give you a straight out answer, b/c the amount of weight you’ll need to start lifting depends on your current fitness level. I will say this however, brace yourself. The first phase of MY is a lot of repetitions. I would suggest a weight that you’ll be able to complete the 4 sets of 20 reps without feeling like you’re dying. You may have to test a couple of varying weights to see which one works best for you. For example, if I picked up a five pound dumbbell and found it way to easy, I would pick up a ten pound dumbbell and try my hand with that. Also, if I found my weight to heavy, I would drop down the next lowest and try my reps from there. Be prepared to spend two hours for the first week of workouts. That’s why I say brace yourself. You don’t want to lift too heavy at first and find that you’re just too pooped to finish the workout. Good luck!

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